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Author, Entrepreneur, and Creative Savant, Kathy Tell All, announces the launch of her docu-series and book titled, “Women On The Rise All Access” to inspire multiple groups of women to achieve their goals.

This is a new project from Kathy Tell All, otherwise known as Kathy Patterson-Taylor. Her purpose is to motivate as many people as possible to aspire and ascend to new heights in their respective fields. 

The triumphs of people are often celebrated in different forms. However, very little is documented nor illustrated to chronicle the struggles that these unique individuals defy on their pursuit of success. The case is particularly true for women as, far too often, their success and contribution to society is overshadowed. This is where Kathy Tell All is making a resounding difference by spearheading and narrating the stories of ordinary women that have succeeded by removing their veil covering, pretty smiles, glamorous lifestyles, and designer facades.

The Team

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Kathy Patterson Taylor

Executive Producer/Host/DIrector

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Omegia Keeys


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Boyzie Mathis

Director of Photography/Editor

Chante Johnson

Production Manager

Victoria Allen

Producer Assistant